Cum diet Announcement.

Naughty Natalis 2nd cum diet, a four day challenge!

It happened Again!

it happened again my sexy people! You put me on cum diet and this time for full 4 days! When I realised what happened I wanted to cry … the last time it was a struggle and it was only 2 days.. Don't give me wrong I love it but also it makes me worry. I remember the hunger, the thirst and how hard it was to ged a meal from strangers on the Tinder.

It was my b-day show when we got me on to a cum diet and it was epic night! I knew I have to go on Tinder immediately. I just moved I do not have here anyone who I could I ask to feed me. So after I my show I got thirsty but I can have only cup of water a day. I really do not enjoy drinking my pee but I have no choice... oh this part is very hard for me.. the taste is so strong, but I have to commit to my task. I am a little cum slut so let's do this! .. no matter what.

Tinder Time

I managed to get some matches on my Tinder profile and everything was going kind of well.. even that the hunger already began. I was trying to rest, smoke instead of food and keep looking for my next dinner. I knew I have to be the best whore possible to close some deals so I can least get my nourishment.

Unfortunately one of these guys stepped outside my comfort zone and found me on different platform. It freaked me out a bit and I realised I will have to change my phone and keep safe. So I asked my fans if I should continue or reset once I have my new phone. The votes were loud and clear... start again! Damn I was already half way through … oh my this is going to be hard but I shall prove myself and be a good girl..

Cum Diet Day 1.

So back to day #1 .. already hungry and more desperate than before.. quickly made a new profile and started again. Back to drinking my body liquids and get my game on. I could not find a date for that night but I close one for the next day. Made me really happy and something to look forward. I did my cam show even that only thing I was surviving was my pee and bit of water. My fans were proud of me how well I am handling it.

Cum Diet Day 2

Next day (day #2) I was just counting minutes before I get to eat some sweet warm cum. Getting so hungry so desperate, I needed that mouthful.. needed all the mouthfuls! I survived the day, trying to sleep it off and make sure I have energy for that night. I put myself together, put on sexy dress with big cleavage, ready to get some dinner out of that cock... tonight we serve Greek.. bet he taste good.

I came to his empty flat he was already playing some sexy music.. I knew he is a sure deal.. did not take long and I was on my knees sucking out my dinner. There is nothing better then really hungry whore trying to get that treat. He came so hard in my mouth and I was so happy … still hungry but happy. When he recovered we played a bit more and I got myself a second load. Oh yes makes me proud what a good cum-bucket I am.

Cum Diet Day 3

Day #3 exhausted, hungry, thirsty and no sight of any nourishment. It is getting harder and harder I am dizzy I feel sick.. I need to sleep and make sure I can push through to another day. Trying to stay strong for you guys but my body and mind are truly struggling. But my mood significantly improved when I find out I will be having dinner next day. I will make it, I will not give up I will be the best whore I can be.. just for your entertainment!

Cum Diet Day 4

The final day #4 ! Oh fuck yes I am almost there.. I going to set my record today! Even the hunger was real and my belly was spasming and my throat was dry I try to push as hard I can … and sleep through the long hours before my dinner time. Tonight was my last chance to be proper little cum slut and get some cum load from a stranger. Tonight I will taste Brazilian cuisine :P hmm cannot wait bet he taste exotic. Get myself pretty and get my hoe on. We met, we talk and he was so sweet. But I needed to get him from sweet to naughty.. Start giving him a slight signals, getting closer to him.. he had no idea how desperate I was to get in his pants. Once we start kissing I knew I am going to taste him tonight. Naughty little whore go this sweet boy just where she needed him. Throw him on bed get his pants of and wrapped my magical hungry mouth around his cock.. Sucking him, fucking him making sure that the final load is going to be in my dirty mouth! I fucking did it! I got my dinner and it is almost the end of a challenge.. could not make it back in time to see my boys on cam.. to tell them all about it.. but at least I make it through all the odds. I am the Ultimate Cumslut!

It was lots of struggle but also excitement thank you all my dirty boys for the support. It was my dirty dream to be controlled in such a ways and I am glad it entertains you and you enjoying it with me. I want to be the whore that makes your fantasies real I want to be your dirty little secret and I want prove I am not just another one of many! I want to be yours ;) x


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