Happy new year you filthy Animals


Bit late I know... but I really hope you enjoyed the holidays and had a good end of the year. 2018 was pretty good year for me as I get to go back home and after 7 years I could spend the Christmas with my family. Thank you again my sexy people for making it happen for me x 


So what's new? 

I have a new exciting store on My dirty hobby make sure you are going to check it out and do not be shy to contact me there. 

I also started MV Crush on my manyvids that allows you to watch my live shows on demand. Hours upon hours of filth available just for my MV crush. I sent it as links not as a vids as it is lots of gigabytes to upload.  So that's why you can see I have lots of notes but only one vid available. 


I am planning to do something exciting in a near future... I want to pierce my nipples. As soon as I have spare cash I will get this little naughty accessory. So help me out guys every kind of support is appreciated.


Hope that 2019 will be even more exciting year for you and for me! Be excellent to each other and Party on x